We thrive on the challenge

Why we're different

Sure we can fill your interview session with capital city administrative applicants.

It’s when you have specific needs such as urgency, difficult skills sets, difficult region, difficult relocations

Thats when we come through for you!

Cost effective

We understand you are perfectly capable of filling your own staff positions, please do so!

But it is when cannot find the right person, you start losing productivity, KPI’s are whooshing past and costs are rising that where we will Shine for you.

How we do we Shine like this?

Shine has built up long term relationships with both clients and candidates which has given Shine a strategic and personalised network Shine dips into every time a specific role arises. Definitely a mutual advantage.

Shine uses traditional and non traditional methods of tapping people on the shoulder (passive candidates) to see if they are interested in your job. Obviously we are not going to disclose our secret business in this public forum.

How can we help?

We can assist employers with an obvious conflict, or via site visits, we can investigate where conflicts are festering and growing.

We can assist in bringing disputes to a conclusion without the exorbitant expense of legal action.

Our Recruitment Fees

Ranging from 12-18% of Salary Package, our rates are highly competitive.  Rates vary according to the volume of work, type of organisation, and position level.

We operate on a fee for placement model.  No placement means no cost to you.  Put simply, if we don’t find the right person for you – it doesn’t cost you a cent!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using Shine People Solutions.


If you don't hire one of our candidates, there is no cost to you.  Give us a try.

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