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Video Interviewing

Lightning fast, remote candidate screening

Save time and precious resources with remote interviewing
The ability to interview candidates remotely via video can completely revolutionise your organisation’s recruitment process, saving you precious time and resources. This Video Interviewing Platform goes a few steps beyond this. Our platform’s intelligent yet straightforward design makes it a genuinely valuable tool for hiring managers and business owners, as it gives you an effective way to screen candidates quickly without sacrificing the valuable insights you would get from conducting interviews in person.

Save time and screen candidates quickly and accurately
Anyone who as ever recruited for a position already knows how lengthy and frustrating the screening process can be. Phone screens can be particularly troublesome, costing you large chunks of time as you deal with:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling interviews
  • Dealing with no-shows and candidates who are difficult to reach
  • Reviewing and reporting on each candidate’s interview responses

The problem is, no matter how time-consuming all this might be, screening is still an essential initial step if you want to make the right hiring choice. So the solution is certainly not to skip this stage altogether; it’s to make the process as swift as possible. And that’s exactly what the Video Interviewing Platform does.

$27.50 per video interview