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Talent Audits

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach to evaluate and develop your team will allow you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each individual person in the team.  With this information, you are able to plan how you can effectively develop an employee so they become more effective, efficient, motivated, and satisfied in their role.  They will thank you, and so will the people they serve.

To effectively utilise this product, we recommend you include a wide range of team members, including your high performers who will provide the ideal benchmark.  To achieve the best outcomes for your organisation as a whole, it is recommended that over the course of no more than a year, the full team is evaluated.

With the correct evaluation tools in place, and the relevant training implemented, you can develop every team member up to the level of your ‘star performers’.  Team members will be more likely to be engaged and fulfilled in their role, and less likely to be looking around for a better opportunity.  This will result in lower staff turnover – which means less time, expense and frustration associated with replacing great team members.


  • Each team member completes an LDP Psychometric Profile.
  • Each team member completes the various Skills Tests you choose.  When conducted as part of a Talent Audit, you are able to select an unlimited number of tests out of the 900+ test available.
  • Results of each test are analysed and development opportunities are identified.
  • For each team member participating in the Talent Audit, a debrief session is conducted between a representative from your organisation and Shine People Solutions.  This interview will summarise the employee’s results, and recommendations will be provided for the professional development of the team member.


  • Identify gaps in each individual’s skill set and identify areas for development.
  • This information will aid you in preparing each team members individual training and development plan.
  • Utilise this information to develop a company success plan.


$325 per person (for groups of 1-10)
$275 per person (for groups of 11-50)
$195 per person (for groups of 51+)