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Skills Testing

Assessing a potential new recruit will assist your organisation in choosing the best candidate for the job with the right set of skills.  Skills Testing can also be conducted on existing staff, to be used either for benchmarking or assessing the current skill levels within the organisation.


  • Based on discussions with the Hiring Manager, Shine People Solutions will recommend the Skills Test(s) most suitable to your vacancy.
  • The individual will be invited via email to complete the test(s).
  • The results of the test(s) will be forwarded to the hiring manager.


  • Confirming the applicant’s skills are at the level conveyed during the interview (or on their resume).
  • Ensuring an applicant’s skills level is suitable for the role. If not, knowing this now will assist in the preparation of a training and development plan for the new hire.
  • With over 900 different Skills Tests available, we are sure to have tests suitable to your needs. See below to download the full list of tests currently available.

Skills Tests

The following is just a small list of Tests commonly used;

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Customer Service Mindset
  • Typing, Data Entry
  • English as a Second Language
  • Call Centre (Data entry, Customer Service, Sales)
  • Sales, Marketing
  • Logical Reasoning, Time Management, Project Management
  • Human Resources, Recruiting Fundamentals, Interviewing & Hiring
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll
  • Office Skills, Business Etiquette
  • Computer Literacy, Internet Basics

    Download the List of Skills tests 


$39 per Skill Test​