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Scribing Services

At Shine People Solutions, we work with the Australian Public Service, providing a wide range of recruitment and retention services. Through our partnership with a Canberra based scribing service, we have access to a scribing team who deliver flexible, timely and secure scribing services.

Scribing services

The Scribes have extensive experience providing the full range of services including:

  • Shortlisting or longlisting applications and preparing shortlisting or longlisting records in the approved format.
  • Contacting shortlisted applicants and coordinating interview schedules.
  • Scribe panel brief to ensure close alignment and management of expectations across bulk recruitment rounds.
  • Providing high level scribing services that fully support the Selection Panel at interview.
  • Selection Panel membership – all Scribes have experience as Panel members.
  • Preparation of selection reports in the approved format, addressing the Selection Panel’s preferences regarding format and content that accurately reflect the Panel’s selection decisions.
  • Contact with nominated referees and preparation of comprehensive referee reports.
  • Assistance with all administrative tasks associated with the entire selection process including initial contact with candidates.
  • Provision of candidate feedback in written or verbal format where required.