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Custom Training Projects

Our partner, PD Training works closely with your organisation to develop, review or deliver training programs for any need that you have. With over 1000 trainers, who have diverse experience sets and expertise, we can add value to just about any training-related project. PD Training have partnered with organisations for projects as diverse as emotional intelligence (EQ) and critical thinking, new systems roll-outs, sales team development, leadership programs and company-wide personality profiling.

PD Training focus the delivery on the needs of the organisation and use relevant examples and terminology that reflects your own internal ‘speak’. They tailor content as part of the delivery and this is a fundamental aspect of what we consider a “good training experience”. Frankly, if you want to read a book or view a set of PowerPoint slides, you’re welcome to do so, but that’s not what we call training, and that’s not what’s going to happen in any of our courses.

Examples of Custom Training Projects