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Selection, Retention and Training

Build on the investment you have already made

Build on the investment you have already made

Building on any investment, it does take time and does come at a cost. Our role is to ensure every investment, whether that be the initial recruitment cost or ongoing training, returns more benefit for your business than it costs.

One thing is for certain, if you do not invest in your staff they will not invest in you.



Training to solve problems can be highly wasteful and frustrating if the cause of the problem is not clear in the first place.

Shine uses the diagnostics tools above to identify causes. This costs you $100’s to make sure you do not waste $1,000’s in unrelated training.

Once your needs are identified Shine uses its excellent strategic national network of training providers for professional development or accredited training. Let Shine use this extensive network to make sure you get exactly what you need.

After all, it costs no more for Shine to take the load off your shoulders (unless shopping around, due diligence on suppliers and organising training is your passion in life)

Shine , a one stop shop for your people solutions!

Our tools and resources

Shine has a suite of very cost effective diagnostic and development tools you can quickly assess staff and areas of your organisation. Find out why one area of your business excels and then duplicate in areas where it does not.

Our Recruitment Fees

Ranging from 12-18% of Salary Package, our rates are highly competitive.  Rates vary according to the volume of work, type of organisation, and position level.

We operate on a fee for placement model.  No placement means no cost to you.  Put simply, if we don’t find the right person for you – it doesn’t cost you a cent!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using Shine People Solutions.


If you don't hire one of our candidates, there is no cost to you.  Give us a try.

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