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Professional Selection, Recruitment, Training & Retention Services

Delivering brighter Recruitment Solutions for your Business

Shine People Solutions is a professional recruitment firm which not only offers Recruitment services, but also offers a suite of Selection, Retention, and Training services providing a holistic solution for attracting, and then retaining the best team members for your organisation.

Recruitment & Selection Services

​From a Recruitment perspective, we not only offer traditional End-to-End Recruitment, but also the sum of its parts as an extension to help out your in-house HR team when they are overloaded, or require specialist help.

Staff Retention & Training

Research by noted management experts, shows that organisations that invest in up-skilling their employees through Professional Development, experience a significant increase in productivity, which delivers considerably higher organisational performance.

Happy, well-trained, and engaged Employees take fewer sick days, and are less likely to look for a job elsewhere, which means you can focus your time, energy and budget on developing a high performing team.

How can we help?

Looking for work, need training or need qualified staff? Call our expert team today and see how Shine People Solutions can support you.

Looking for training?

We have a range of in house, public and customised training programs to suit leading business sectors.